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    Unconventional Italy: Discover Gargano

    Last summer I had the occasion to visit Gargano, a stunning region in Puglia, Southern Italy thanks to GarganoEcoTour. I felt home, because of the colors, tastes and great people I met. I found lots of common things with Tuscany. Discover Gargano When you think about Gargano you think about great blue sea and white sandy beaches. Well, that’s true but there is much much more. As a matter of fact the large area has mountains, the ancient Umbra forest,…

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  • Clock Tower in Novi
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    New Earthquake in Emilia Romagna

      Since the first magnitude 6.0 quake on May 20th, earth has never stopped shaking. The first quake hit at 4.04am ad had its epicenter between the towns of Finale Emilia,…

  • Eartquake Parmesan Cheese

    Emilia-Romagna Eatrhquake, One Week After

    It’s been a hard week for Emilia-Romagna that last week was shook by a magnitude-6.0 quake. Earth continues shaking, alternating violent tremors to lighter ones. Dozens of tremors every day, night…

  • Earthquake in Italy
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    Earthquake in Emilia Romagna Italy

      Northern Italy has been shook by a magnitude-6.0 earthquakeat 4:04 a.m. and again in the afternoon. The earthquake had its epicenter about 35 kilometers north of Bologna at a depth of…

  • Mantua
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    One day in Mantua

    Yesterday I spent one day in Mantua together with my family and I decide to give you some advices for visiting this beautiful city. Mantua is an enchanting city whose ancient…