Emilia-Romagna Eatrhquake, One Week After

Eartquake Parmesan Cheese
Eartquake Parmesan Cheese

Earthquake Parmesan Cheese

It’s been a hard week for Emilia-Romagna that last week was shook by a magnitude-6.0 quake.

Earth continues shaking, alternating violent tremors to lighter ones. Dozens of tremors every day, night and day, that scares people and geologists. As a matter of fact more than 7000 people are evacuated. Most of them live in temporary tents or inside their cars close to their homes because they are afraid of robbers.

And together with people also lots of business companies lots everything. In this area are concentrated the producers of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. 12 millions kilos of Parmesan cheese could not finish their maturing, since the plants are destroyed or damaged. But lots of people are working against time and selling this earthquake cheese over the Internet throughout Italy to help producers and local workers.

In this area there are also 10 producers of famous aromatic vinegar from Modena. Because of the earthquake the small barrels, that generally preserve vinegar for 12 years, broke and the precious vinegar spilled all over the place. And unfortunately in this case nothing can be done.

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