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    The Summer Solstice inside the Duomo of Florence

    When the sun touches the Duomo's wall

    When the sun passes trough the Brunelleschi’s Cupola In 1475 the Florentine Mathematics Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli built the gnomon, an astronomical indicator to measure the exact position of the sun. The sun penetrates the lantern’s window and passes trough the gnomon; then the sun’s rays pass through small bronze hole of just 4 centimeters in diameter and form a disk of light that hits the marble floor of the Duomo. Where the sun touches the floor inside the Chapel…

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  • January Events in Tuscany

    What to do in Tuscany in January

    Yes, good question, what is there to do in January in Tuscany? Well, loads. But before we start with writing up our list on this clean slate Valentina and me (Sophie)…

  • Tuscany Events Decmber

    December events in Tuscany

    Santa Claus is coming to… Tuscany! Find out where to meet Father Christmas this December on his tour through Tuscany and get into the Christmas spirit with the sparkly events scattered…