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Following the Oil’s Route in Umbria

Centuries-old Olive Trees
Centuries-old Olive Trees

Centuries-old olive trees

This weekend the TooMuchFamily will be in Umbria to discover some beautiful places along the oil’s route, thanks to #aciascunoilsuofrantoio. We will follow the events of Frantoi Aperti, a great festival that opens olive mills, organize tastings and guided tours to the small hamlets and villages of this lovely region.

Frantoi Aperti and my program

On Saturday and Sunday there are several events in Umbria and we are attending some of them. On Saturday we are in Giano dell’Umbria, small hamlet surrounded by centuries-old olive trees, where there is the fair of new oil, oil tastings and a guided tour to the rich surroundings. Then for the night we move to Bettona, another small hilltop hamlet, and stay at Poggio degli Ulivi.

Giano dell'Umbria

Giano dell’Umbria

Then on Sunday, after visiting the olive mill of Poggio degli Ulivi and the village of Bettona, we move to Orvieto. In addition to discover this beautiful city in Umbria we’re going to take a special guided underground tour with an “archeological bruschetta”. Then we want to visit the oil fair in the main square, do some oil tastingsand maybe got to one of the olive mills open in the surroundings.

Olive trees in Umbria

Olive trees in Umbria

You can follow me for all the weekend on Twitter and Instangram with the official hashtag #aciascunoilsuofrantoio!


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