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New Earthquake in Emilia Romagna

Clock Tower in Novi
Clock Tower in Novi

Clock Tower in Novi


Since the first magnitude 6.0 quake on May 20th, earth has never stopped shaking.

The first quake hit at 4.04am ad had its epicenter between the towns of Finale Emilia, San Felice sul Panaro and Sermide. Several buildings, houses and factories were seriously damaged and 4 people died.

The second quake hit after 9 days after during the day, right before lunch while people were back to work. It had a magnitude 5.7 and shook had its epicenter between Mirandola and Cavezzo, that were almost razed to the ground. Unfortunately 17 people were killed and most of them were workers. It was Tuesday May 29th.

On the same day in the afternoon another magnitude 5.1 shook again the area. Lots of buildings collapsed and several towns were evacuated for a total of 14.000 people sleeping in tents, cars and roulettes. Lots of factories  and industries were damaged or collapsed. Emilia-Romagna is on its knees. What was done in the past week has to be once again.

Since then earth has never stopped shaking night and day. Saturday there were 43 tremors in a day. And  another magnitude 5.1 shook the area this Sunday at 9.20pm. The epicenter was among Novi di Modena, Concordia and San Possidonio and it was felt in the entire northern Italy.

There were no victims, but new buildings and factories collapsed of were damaged. New people had to be evacuated and leave their houses. The ancient Clock Tower in Novi di Modena collapsed. A real emergency that no one can stop. In fact seismologists declared that earth could shake for several months and forecated no less than 3 months. They took as example the 16th century quake, that shook the area for more than 9 months.

Emilia Romagna quake

Emilia Romagna quake

It’s a very difficult time for Emilia-Romagna and its people, and for Italy all. You can ring the number 45500 and give 2 euro for it.

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