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Radda in a Glass

Radda in a Glass 2012
Radda in a Glass 2012

Radda in a Glass 2012


Radda in a Glass is great events for wine loversand offers two days of wine tastings.

It goes on June 2nd and 3rd and is part of Chianti Classico è events. This is the perfect occasion to discover the beautiful village of Radda in Chianti while tastings excellent Chianti wines produced in the area together with local food prepared for the occasion.

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Radda in the Glass is a town fair, involving the entire village. In the cafès and in the restaurants you can taste special menus, prepared with local products by great chefs to bring out the wines’ flavors.

In addition you can buy all wines to a special price, called “prezzo di fattoria” that is a farm reduced price for wines. There will be music concerts and art exhibits together with other events. For more information visit the official website Radda nel Bicchiere and download the program here.

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