Radda in Chianti
TooMuchRadda is a free mini-guide about the beautiful hamlet of Radda in Chiantiin Tuscany. This village is enclosed in massive walls and is located in the enchanting region of Chianti between Siena and Florence. And Radda is famous for its wine production that you can taste in farms, restaurants and shops almost everywhere.

In this guide you find all the information you need to visit Radda, such as parkings, monuments and churches. You find also info about its history, its legends and curiosities, together with a traditional recipe. Thanks to the “Take me here” function, you can go everywhere in Radda and don’t get lost.


  • List of the unmissable point of interests of Radda
  • Museums information
  • List of parkings with prices and schedules
  • List of bars and restaurants
  • List of post offices and pharmacies
  • Legends and tidbits
  • Original Cooking recipe
  • Take me here!
  • Map
  • Weather forecast
  • Available in Italian and English

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