Certaldo Alto
TooMuchCertaldois a mini guide about the medieval town of Certaldo. Located in the heart of Valdelsa, Certaldo is surrounded by round and green hills, vineyards and olive groves. It gave birth to Boccaccio, one of the most important writers in Italy that wrote the famous Decameron. Certaldo is a small town where you can really blend with locals, have a taste of dolce vita while looking over the great countryside! And you can visit museums and admire incredible masterpieces. What I love about this place is people that make it the perfect place to know the real Tuscany!Find out stories about ghosts and other legends. Find out also original recipes, what to do in town and lots of other useful information. You will also find the full calendar of Mercantia, one of the greatest International festivals of Street Performers!


  • List of the unmissable point of interests in Certaldo
  • Museums information
  • List of parkings in Certaldo with prices and schedules
  • List of bars and restaurants
  • List of post offices and pharmacies
  • Legends and tidbits
  • Original Cooking recipe
  • Take me here!
  • Map
  • Weather forecast
  • Available in Italian and English
  • Calendar of Mercantia (available for the festival in July)
  • Available for iPhone here
  • Available for Android here


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    Mercantia 2013:Festival of Street Performes in Certaldo | TooMuchTuscany
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