Artichoke Festival in Chiusure

Artichoke Festival in Chiusure

Artichoke Festival in Chiusure

Every year in Chiusure, near Asciano in the Crete Senesi, takes place the traditional Artichoke Festival on April 25th.

The festival celebrates the peak of the artichoke season gathering together lots of people from the surroundings. The artichoke is the excellence of Chiusure and its surroundings, part of Asciano municipality within the Crete Senesi. During the festival you can taste this bristly treat in any sauce and you’ll love it.

If you miss it, on the first Sunday of November Chiusure celebrates “Festa della dicioccatura”, that is another appointment with Artichoke Festival. This is the typical Tuscan festival where you can easily blend with locals and enjoy a bit of Dolce Vita!

In 2013 the Festa del Carciofo is from April 25th to 28th.


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