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#InvasioniDigitali in Tuscany

#invasionidigitali map

The map of #invasionidigitali

Maybe you’ve seen the hashtag #invasionidigitali around in the last weeks. Well, it’s a very beautiful project organized by Fabrizio Todisco, the Italian travel bloggers network #iofacciorete, Instagram Italia, Officina Turistica and the network of Italian small museums.

The main goal of #invasionidigitali is to promote the Italian Cultural Heritage, that is one of the greatest in the world but not always valued as a resource. In every Italian region, from April 20th to 28th, small groups of bloggers, social media specialists and culture lovers will occupy museums and cities’ areas making a deep visit to the site and reporting live what they see.

#InvasioniDigitali in Tuscany

The invasions in Tuscany will start on April 20th at the Museum of Calculation in Pisa at 10.30am with 100Days and at the same time there will be the invasion of the center of Massa Marittima. Then will move at the Mc Contemporary Art Gallery in Montecatini Terme at 6pm. On April 23rd the appointment is at Paolo Cresci Museum in Lucca with Paola Moschini.

Then on April 24th at 10.30am I’ll be at Museum Richard Ginori in Sesto Fiorentino with Lili76, Girovagate and Viaggio Anima Mente, while another invasion will start in Carrara at 10.30am. In the afternoon at 4pm in Florence there will be the invasion of Palazzo Strozzi and then at 6pm the invasion of L.u.c.c.a. Museum of Contemporary Art with professional tourist guides. On April 25th in Grosseto the Sienese Fortress and the ancient city walls will be occupied at 10am

On April 27th the appointment is in Sarteano at 10am, at the Museum of Mezzadria Senese in Buonconvento and at 11am the invasion of the medieval center of Asciano. Then at 2.30pm at Textile Museum in Prato at 3pm the invasion of Pitigliano underground and at 4pm at the Picture Gallery of Siena. At 4pm Tuscany Instagramers will occupy the Etruscan Museum Guarnacci in Volterra and at 3.30pm there will be the invasion of the Spanish Fortress in Porto Santo Stefano. On April 28th I will also occupy the Giotto Museum in Vicchio with Poggio alle Ville at 3.30pm, at 6pm the invasion of Paleontology and Palentology Museum in Asciano, while in the morning there is the invasion of the Botanical Gardens in Florence at 10.30am.

#invasionidigitaliHow to participate

You don’t need to be a blogger to participate, but you need a smartphone and lots of passion. Just click on the event you’re interested and enroll and then meet your team in the selected site. Most of the events are free or have a reduced price for museums’ tickets. I recommend you visit the official website of Invasioni Digitali for more details. And of course stay tuned and follow the hashtag #invasionidigitali.

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