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5 reasons to take a bike tour in Tuscany

Biking in Tuscany

A month has passed since I was biking from San Gimignano to Siena on a sunny Autumn day and what a day! Thanks to the assistance of Elena and Piero of Bike Florence & Tuscany I had a great trip and experienced my beloved Tuscany in a different way. Finally I came up with 5 reasons to take a bike tour in Tuscany.

The best way to go off-the-beaten path

As you know I’m a fan of slow travel and off-the-beaten path destinations, these are actually the main ingredients of this blog so biking is the ideal way to move around Tuscany. Riding a bike you pass through quiet and secondary roads, hidden trails out of the main crowds. You have the time to admire every nuance of Tuscan countryside seeing the treeline opening to a breathtaking panorama.

I could not forget my surprise and satisfaction to approach the walled castle of Monteriggioni: a postcard at every pedal! Simply impressive.

Biking in Tuscany - Doors in San Gimignano

Biking in Tuscany - Doors in San Gimignano

Biking in Tuscany - Monteirggioni

See the real Tuscany

Something I really loved about biking is the opportunity to stop every time I wanted and where I wanted to take pictures. This is not possible when driving, because roads are often narrow and there is no space to stop the car and take pictures.

In addition biking is something familiar for Tuscan people: my grandpa Gianfranco told me many times that he biked quite a lot when he was young; he used to bike from Tavernelle Val di Pesa to Florence almost every day to (about 20 miles) and from Tavarnelle to Barberino to meet his future wife, my grandma Clara.

Biking along the Francigena way: life goes still and #notmynonni are talking about this beautiful sun ☀️ #toomuchtuscany

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Food and wine, a good combine

When you visit Tuscany you have to eat our delicious food and drink wine. This is a must. By riding you could eat more and drink better, because you’ll exercise right after the meal and won’t have to worry about driving after a couple of wine glasses.

Biking in Tuscany - Monteriggioni
Biking in Tuscany - MonteirggioniIt’s a fun, it’s an adventure

Yes, riding a bike it’s fun! Feeling the wind on the face while going down the rolling hills of Siena countryside was exciting and fascinating. I felt free, I felt alive, I felt happy: this is biking in Tuscany!

Biking in Tuscany - Monteriggioni
My partners in crime for biking Tuscany
My partners in crime for biking Tuscany

Feel like a local

When you take a bike tour I suggest you take a private tour or with a small group, so that you can have a personal guided tour with your local guides. The atmosphere will be more familiar and you’ll have the chance to discover more about local culture.


Bike in Florence & Tuscany is the small family-run company owned by Piero and Elena since 2013. They offer great day tours to bike in Tuscany suitable for all kind of bikers – I’m not a biker, neither an occasional biker but I biked and enjoyed it. What makes the difference with other biking companies are certainly the high quality bicycles and the guide of Elena or Piero: yes they both bike with you to show you around and help you when you need.

What I really liked about the bike tour from San Gimignano to Siena in half day was:

  • biking off-the-beaten path route – Piero and Elena personally chose the trail and found some of the most scenic roads in Siena surroundings, including part of the Francigena;
  • free time in San Gimignano and Siena – we started our tour with 1 hour free in San Gimignano, the medieval Manhattan, and two hours to visit the city of Siena;
  • merenda half way – they offer a small and energetic merenda half way to have some rest and get ready for the last part of the biking tour;
  • wine tasting in Monteriggioni – approaching the castle was one of the most beautiful experience;
  • lovely company – both Elena and Piero are great hosts, but I was happy to spend some time with other guests and share the fun with them!

For more information I suggest you mail directly to Elena and Piero here.

Piazza del Campo - Siena

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