Flooding Emergency in Tuscany





Tuscany is experiencing a real emergency in the areas of Grosseto and Massa due to the heavy storms that affected all Italy.

Massa and Lunigiana

A real ocean of mud swept away everything flooding houses, offices, streets and everything else in Massa and surroundings. More than a thousand houses have been evacuated, some factories crashed down and lots of people lost everything they had.

Arno in Florence

Arno in Florence

The Mood’s Angels (volunteers) are now working to get the mud out of the cities and towns, together with Protezione Civile.


The flood swept away a bridge in the area of Marsiliana and unfortunately three people died; the historic Aurelia Highway have been closed because of the water. The area of Capalbio and Albinia were plunged under the water from the overflowing of Elsa stream and Albenga river.

For the entire day people had no electricity. Several towns are still isolated such as Alberese and Orbetello. A special task force of the military is now working to return to normal.

Other Areas

In Pisa on Sunday the Arno river overflowed and Florence is under alarm because of its high level. Luckily now is not raining.

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