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Father’s Day in Italy

Father's Day in Italy

Celebrating Father's Day in Italy

Father’s Day is an important celebration honoring fathers all around the world.

In Italy we celebrate Father’s Day on Mach 19th, honoring Saint Joseph, father of Jesus and considered the Father par excellence in the Catholic culture.

All around Italy there are several traditions. Since Saint Joseph protects orphans, in Sicily people use to invite for lunch homeless, while in other areas people celebrate the end of winter with bonfire.

For example in Pitigliano, in the wild Tuscan Maremma, on Father’s Day  we celebrate the Torciata di San Giuseppe, an ancient pagan tradition dating back to the Etruscan period. A big bonfire takes place in the main square to celebrate Spring coming and to purify all the attendants.

In and around Florence we use to celebrate Father’s Day eating frittelle di riso together with a good glass of Vinsanto.

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