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Under the Elba Sun: 4 Things to Do In Marina di Campo

Wild lavender - Via dei Rosmarini

A couple of weeks I had the pleasure to spend four days in Marina di Campo thanks to #myelbatour15. Even though I wasn’t feeling very well, it was nice to have some time to discover a bit more of Elba Island.

Here you find 4 suggestions for your stay in the area, from relax to dolce vita!

Under the Elba sun: relax on the beach

When I think about Elba, the first things that come to my mind are beaches, sea and relax! Every corner of the island offers incredibly blue and crystalline sea, golden sandy or black rocky beaches.

Marina di Campo - Beach

Marina di Campo – Beach

Marina di Campo - Iselba Beach Club

Marina di Campo – Iselba Beach Club

In particular in Marina di Campo there is a large white sandy beach, about 2kms long, that is perfect for a realxing day at the seaside. You can choose one of the few Beach Clubs in the area, or Bagno, as we call it in Italian. There is Sergio with its dark red beach umbrellas and a funny 500 Fiat car or Iselba, whose large beach umbrellas are made by hand by the lifeguard. Otherwise you can go for the spiaggia libera, or free beach for everyone.

I generally prefer the free beach, but close enough to beach clubs to get something to eat and drink at their beach cafès.

The essence of an island: la Via dell’Essenza

Between a bath in the blues sea, a good book and the happy hour, I suggest you take a walk through Via dell’Essenza. These are easy hiking trails located in several areas of the island following the aromatic essences typical of Elba. The trails were an idea of Acqua dell’Elba, local fragrance’s brand, that wanted to share the beauty and the real smell of Elba Island with everyone. There are 12 trails for about 130kms all around the island, one trail for every month of the year following the blooming.

In Marina di Campo there is the Via dei Rosmarini, the Rosemaries Trail. While walking, you’re immersed in the fragrances of Elba like rosemary, broom and lavender and at the same time surrounded by great landscapes. In particular the Rosemaries trail goes along the coast for about 10kms, departing from the beach of Marino di Campo to Fonza Beach and other small bays. The best time to hike it’s February, when rosemary is blooming.

Via dei Rosmarini

Via dei Rosmarini

Via dei Rosmarini - B&W butterfly

Via dei Rosmarini – B&W butterfly

La Dolce Vita of Elba: Sant’Ilario in Campo

The small village of Sant’Ilario is just the perfect TooMuchTuscany spot! It’s located on top of a hill, few kilometers from the center of Marina di Campo. It dates back to the Middle Ages, it has narrow streets going up and down with lots stairs, one large square and a peculiar look reminding me to Sicily.

Coming home for lunch in Sant’Ilario #myelbatour15 #santilario #notmynonni

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  There are no shops, but lots of nonni, flowers and cats. There are also lovely doors and windows to picture. Outside the small center there is only one bar and restaurant called Ristorante La Fonte. Actually it’s one of the best in the area and renowned for its cuisine traditional cuisine. You should taste it’s minestrone di verdure, vegetables soup, made with local ingredients according to the nonna Rosina’s recipe.

Another must it’s the wild boar served as sauce for handmade tagliatelle. When you visit Sant’Ilario don’t forget to taste the Corollo cake: this cake it’s generally made by young girls to their beloved ones. Since ancient times it was given on the night of May 1st. During the night men of all ages go around the village and sing a serenata to every single lady of Sant’Ilario. In order to pay back the lovely song and proposal, every lady prepares a Corollo cake and give it to her beloved on the next Sunday.  

Sant'Ilario in Campo

Sant’Ilario in Campo

Sant'Ilario in Campo

Sant’Ilario in Campo – #Notmynonna is coming back soon!

Give me some romance: Sunset at Biodola beach

Biodola Beach is one of the most famous destinations in Elba. It’s located between Marina di Campo and Portoferraio, it’s about 600 meters of white sandy beach with blue sea enclosed in a green gulf. It could be really crowded during August, but I would suggest to choose it as the perfect romantic spot in Elba. The sunset in Biodola is just magic and most of the times will leave you speechless.

Life is all about enjoying every Sunset and looking forward for the next Sunrise. #myelbatour15 #sunset #sea A photo posted by Valentina Dainelli (@toomuchtuscany) on

In addition if you want to organize a fancy night you can have an aperitivo, or better a dinner, at B.Bistrot inside the luxury Baia Bianca Suites. The restaurant has a large terrace overlooking the sea, so you won’t miss any moment of sunset.

Biodola Beach - The perfect sunset

Biodola Beach – The perfect sunset


  • Off-season is better – visit Elba off-season it’s worthy for 2 main reasons: cheap prices and no crowds. Avoid July and August and, if you can, book your holidays in June, when daylight lasts until 9pm.
  • Bring back home the essence of Elba – if you love perfumes I really suggest to buy one of the perfumes of Acqua dell’Elba. You’ll bring home the quintessence of this Tuscany island.
  • ElbaMyLove – if you want to know more about Elba, its events, its best restaurants and destinations, I suggest you follow this new website!



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