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    Hot July events in Tuscany

    Tuscany July Events

    Wow, this is too much – and I’m not only talking about the heat. The abundance of choice is simply overwhelming this July! Are we going to go shopping till we’re dropping? Visiting all the Sagre until we’ll be exploding or are we going to be rockin’and rollin’ at the various fantastic music festivals this month? I’d suggest trying to keep your head cool and just choose whatever appeals to you most out of all these wonderful events in Tuscany…

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  • Old steam engine train in Tuscany
    Events Week End

    March events in Tuscany

    An earthquake and extremely fierce winds have introduced the month of March pretty powerfully. It seems to be shouting out that Spring is on its way! Well, good, because we’ve had…

  • September events in Tuscany
    Events Week End

    Cheers to September!

    Welcome back after the holidays! We hope you’ve had a great time sizzling away in August. However, this August in Tuscany was exceptionally bad from the weather point of view, anyway,…