Stick it & Shoot it! The wine game of Chianti

The Black Rooster

The Black Rooster

Are you keen on Chianti Classico Wine? Will you be in Tuscany  soon? If you answered yes to both those questions you have to enter into this great wine game, that has been organized by the legendary Consorzio del Chianti Classico.

Stick it & Shoot it” is the name of this funny contest, where you have to shoot all the Black Rooster stickers you find on your way. And believe me, here in Tuscany you can see this sticker almost everywhere. You can see it on cars’ plates, on backpacks, on helmets, oh shops’ windows.

Bring with you a camera and take a picture of the Black Rooster sticker. Then post it on the Facebook Fan Page of Consorzio Chianti Classico and share with other Chianti lovers. Last but not least take glass and drink some Chianti!

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