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Schiacciata all’olio

Schiacciato all'olio
Schiacciata all'olio

Schiacciata all'olio

Today I prepared the schiacciata all’oliofor my son and I decided to share with you my recipe to prepare it.

The schiacciata is a typical bread in Tuscany that you can find in every singe baker shop. It’s definitely oily and salted, and it’s the perfect afternoon snack for your kids, and for you of course. Here my recipe.


500 gr of all-purpose-flour
1 cup of hot water
25 gr of fresh brewer’s yeast
a pinch of salt
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt

Take a glass of hot water and dissolve into it the brewer’s yeast using a fork. Then take a large bowl and put in the all-purpose-flour a a pinch of salt. Add the water and the yeast. Start working the mixture with a wooden spoon, until you are able stirring. If the mixture is to dry, add some water.

Now work out the dough with your hands for about 10 minutes, so that the yeast starts working. Then leave it standing for about 1 hour and a half and cover the bowl with a tissue.

Turn on the oven at 200°C (430°F). Put some oil onto a wide baking pan and spread out the dough with your fingers. Don’t make it to thin and don’t worry about making to smooth. Your fingerprints will be the typical dents of the schiacciata. Drizzle some olive oil on top and sprinkle some sea salt. If you want a typical Italian touch to it, you can add some rosemary. Now bake it for about 10-15 minutes or until it turns gold.

Now enjoy your schiacciata with your family and gnammy gnammy!


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