Santa Fina Festival in San Gimignano

Santa Fina

Santa Fina

On March 12th San Gimignano will celebrate its patroness Santa Fina.

Santa Fina has been the patroness of San Gimignano since her death in 1253, because during her life she had been an example of courage and faith for all the citizens. After her death many miracles happened, such as the birth of flowers from her bed.

The solemn celebrations date back to 1481, when Santa Fina was invoked to stop the terrible plague that was afflicting San Gimignano. The plague stopped right away, as it happened once again in 1631.

So every year the city of San Gimignano celebrates Santa Fina with a solemn mess in the Santa Fina Church together with a all-day market along the streets. You can find food, handmade products as well as clothing and other local products.

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