Onions’ Jam from Certaldo

The Onion of Certaldo

The onions’ jam is a typical recipe from Certalto, a Medieval village between Florence and Siena, that gave birth to famous Italian writer Boccacio.

The onions from Certaldo is so important that you can see it in the city’s shield. It became famous thanks to Boccacccio, who wrote about them in the Decameron describing these onions as the most famous onions in Tuscany. Its peculiarities are its sharp taste and the intense red color.

You can use this onion in lots of different Tuscan recipes, such as the Onions soup of Certaldo and of course the Onions’ jam. Here is the original recipe by Giuseppina for making the perfect Tuscan onions’ jam.

100 gr of red onions
100 gr of red onion from Certaldo
1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil
80 gr of white sugar
1/2 glass of Chianti wine
salt and pepper

Cut all the onions into slices and put them into a big pan together with the oil, a pinched of salt and pepper, half glass of Chianti wine. Cover the pan and cook it for about 40 minutes on a low flame. After this time the onions should be cooked and almost completely smashed. Now add the white sugar and cook on a high flame for about 10 minutes. As soon as the sugar is completely melted the jam is done.

You can serve it with some good cheese. It’s perfect with a fresh pecorino cheese. Gnammy gnammy!


If you want to prepare a bigger quantity keep in mind that you have to use 400 gr of white sugar for 1 kilo of onions.

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