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Olive Oil is an Art in Tuscany

Olive grove in Reggello, Tuscany

After all the polemics about Italian and Tuscan olive oil raised by The New York Times I was really happy to meet again Laudemio people and show you because one size does not fit all. Here in Tuscany we take olive oil seriously, because making olive oil is an art.

What’s Laudemio?

Actually Laudemio means lots of things, but above all high-quality extra-virgin olive oil made in Tuscany. As a matter of fact is an olive oil brand, representing 21 estates and producers all around Florence province that decided to make the “perfect” Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. Producers signed a path of excellence to make olive oil following strict procedures, controls and guidelines.

Laudemio extra-virgin olive oil

Laudemio extra-virgin olive oil

The result is the extra virgin Laudemio olive oil that it’s really divine. I’ve to admit that I’m pretty picky about olive oil because I had the great lucky to grow up with my grandpa’s olive oil, that was the best on earth for me. But Laudemio exceeded my expectations. The color is an intense and shiny green, while the taste is extremely light and savory. At the first sip it even doesn’t feel like you’re tasting olive oil and your mouth remains fresh and clean.

The process to have such an extra-virgin olive oil is not easy: olive picking should be concentrated within few days in a specific period of the harvest. Then olives should worked within 6 hours, no chemical products should be used (both during growth and olive oil making) and its conservation should be under nitrogen. In addition the oil is bottled only when it’s sold and we can say that is “olio espresso“, i.e. bottled upon request.

Where is Laudemio?

Laudemio olive groves

Laudemio olive groves

Laudemio can be found (almost) exclusively by producers directly and this is good, because before you boy it you can taste it. In addition I recommend you take a guide tour to the estate producers and how oil is made, because you’ll touch its quality and learn something really interesting. There are 21 different producers located within the province of Florence, so I suggest you visit their site to look at the nearest to you.

I visited the Fattoria di Maiano located in Maiano, really close to Florence. Apart from being a farm and an holiday accommodation, the Fattoria di Maiano is next to the beautiful Villa of Maiano that was the set of the famous film “Room with a View”. You can taste the Laudemio and then buy it at its shop, where you can also have a lunch with a view with local products.

Another property I visited is the Frantoio di Tea near Reggello (actually you can join shopping at The Mall with olive oil tasting, not bad!). The olive mill is property of the Gonnelli family, making olive oil since 1585. You can see an old stone mill where they used to make olive oil in the ancient times, as well as the modern and more technological mill. They have a shop that is daily opened during working hours. But I recommend you visit the site or email for more info.


  • Preserve your extra-virgin olive in a dark, dry place, better if you use a stainless steel recipient. Temperature should be around 14-15°C
  • Olive oil is a food, not a fat in Tuscan cuisine. It should be the perfect touch to your recipes
  • For the perfect bruschetta, brush it with extra-virgin olive oil and then roast it in the oven for a few minutes. The bread will be crunchy and the sauce will not sop it up
  • Taste it before you buy it, you’ll love it
View from Fattoria di Maiano

View from Fattoria di Maiano


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    Il Laudemio mette d’accordo tutti. Bacio Vale.

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