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Florence Wine Town 2012

Florence Wine Town 2012
Florence Wine Town 2012

Florence Wine Town 2012

This weekend Florence becomes the international capital of high quality wines thanks to Wine 2012, from September 21st to 22nd. It’s going to be a great event for all wine lovers, as well as wine producers and all those professional figures related to wine.

Florence Wine Town has a rich calendar of events all related to wine, art and culture including concerts, shows and food of course.

Events of Wine Town 2012

Chianti Wine Cellar

Chianti Wine Cellar

Wine tastings will be inside prestigious buildings of Florence on Friday September 21st and Saturday September 22nd from 3pm to 11pm. Each palazzo will host a different wine label coming form all around Italy. The palazzos involved are divided into three large areas where you can go for wine tastings:

ZONA ABeyond Tuscany” – Palazzo Guicciardini – Palazzo Pitti – Palazzo Corsini Suarez – Chiostro Grande dell’Ammannati.

ZONA BClassic wines from Tuscany” – Palazzo Davanzati – Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni – Chiostro del Magistero – Palazzo Antinori

ZONA CEarth we love – Biodynamic wines” – Loggia del Grano – Sala d’Arme di Palazzo Vecchio – Bargello Museum – Palazzo Pazzi Quaratesi – Palazzo Nonfinito – Chiostro delle Oblate – Gardens of former museum Firenze Com’Era.

There will be also several concerts including jazz, classic music, rock and live performances. Here you can download the program of Wine Town 2012.

There will be guided wine tastings that cost 20 euro per person. The first guided tour explore the Sangiovese wine through 12 different glasses of wine. The second guided tour is dedicated to biodynamic wines that will also include a full immersion into Chianti Riserva Il Casale dating back from 2007 to 1986. If you want to take part to these tours you must reserve here.

Wine Card 2012

If you want to go for wine tastings you have to by the Wine Card, that is a prepaid card. It costs 15 euro and includes 5 wine tastings. Every additional charge costs 10 euro per 5 tastings. Thanks to the wine card you can park for free in all the Firenze Parcheggi Parking lots.

You can buy it at every palazzo in cash, at local Conad store at the reduced price of 13 euro, and online here.

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