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Florence celebrates Santa Reparata

Duomo of Florence

On Monday Florence celebrates Santa Reparata, so beloved by Florentine people.

A bit of history

Legend has it the Santa Reparata helped the Roman soldiers and Florentine people to defeat the Ostrogoths, that invaded Florence. The city became then Christian, maintained  its independence and decided to dedicate the most important church of the city to Santa Reparata.

As a matter of fact underneath the Duomo there is the ancient church of Santa Reparata, the old Cathedral of Florence. And Santa Reparata it the co-patron of the city.

October 8th

Every year on October 8th Florence celebrates its co-patron with the Florentine Corteo Storico, that will go along the streets from 4pm to arrive at the Duomo. Then at 4.30pm there is the offer of the blessed candle and wreath in the crypt of Santa Reparata underneath the Cathedral.

Florence municipality organizes free guided tours to the Roman Florence. The tours depart at 9 and 10am from Piazza Santa Elisabetta, and a third one departing at 10.30am from the Duomo.

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