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Discover Capoliveri and the Beach of Naregno


More than a month ago I was at Elba thanks to #Elba4kids and had the opportunity to explore a bit of this beautiful Tuscan island. Let’s have a look at Capoliveri and Naregno beach!


Capoliveri is a very nice town, located on top a hill overlooking the incredible sea of Elba. It has a rich history as testified from the medieval hamlet and several important buildings.

The medieval hamlet is really enchanting with its small and narrow streets, lots of stairs and arches, as well as colorful buildings and washed clothes hanging from several windows. It’s very suggestive and a relaxing walk is what you deserve to enjoy Capoliveri.

It’s a very lively city and organizes lots of events, such as the grape harvest festival at the end of September. During summer every night there is a nice arts & crafts market, shops are open and lots of other events. But during winter you can enjoy is peaceful atmosphere, climate weather and incredible sea.

Streets of Capoliveri

Streets of Capoliveri

View from Capoliveri

Have a look at ViviCapoliveri, to find out for more info about Capoliveri.

Naregno Beach

Few kilometers from Capoliveri there is the beautiful beach of Naregno, stretching out from Capo Focardo and its lighthouse. On the right there is Porto Azzurro and you can admire the beautiful Spanish fortress. The sand is fine and gold, the water is blue and transparent and there are several restaurants, bars and bathing establishments. There is also a part dedicated to free bathing where you can go.

Naregno beach

In Naregno there is also the Residence Hotel Le Acacie, that is the perfect family hotel. It was the first time I stayed at a family hotel and I really liked it. They know what’s the meaning of traveling with children and have all the facilities you need, as well as special menus and entertainments. I hope to go back soon!

Thanks to Le Acacie we took a boat tour and had the opportunity to see Elba from the sea admiring the mines and solitary beaches, as well as breathtaking colors. We fed the fishes, looked at a particular specie of cormorant and take a refreshing bath into the blue and deep sea.

Elba from the sea

The mines from the sea

Not too far from the hotel there is also the House Museum of Fritz Hagel, German artist who chose Elba as his home. Here he built his beautiful studio and house immersed in the large garden. His abstract paintings are inspired by the colors and the nature of Elba. I recommend you visit it because his work are really beautiful and depicts perfectly Elba.

Fritz Hagl Studio

Fritz Hagl Studio

Well, this is Elba, and I want to go back!!!

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