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    TooMuchFirenze, the app you should have to visit Florence

    Florence in 7 app

    TooMuchFirenze is one of the seven apps you should have to visit Florence! This is what says the important Florentine magazine Te la do io Firenze in this article about the best apps about Florence! TooMuchFirenze is different because you can discover the unconventional Florence with stories, legends and other peculiarities about the cradle of the Renaissance. This app of Florence is available for iPhone and Android for free! So what are you waiting for? Download it now! Follow…

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  • map2app

    Create your app with map2app

    As you know I develop apps for iPhone and Android about Tuscany thanks to map2app. A bit about map2app Map2app is a free online platform that allows you to create your…

  • Mercantia
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    Mercantia in Certaldo

    Tomorrow in Certaldo starts Mercantia, the International Street Performers Festival. A bit of history Mercantia is the most important festival for street performers in Europe. Dancers, street marching bands, fire eaters,…

  • Certaldo Alto
    Apps Attractions

    Too Much Certaldo

    Certaldo is a small town in the beautiful Val d’Elsa. Actually Certaldo is divided into two parts: Certaldo Basso and Certaldo Alto. Certaldo Basso, is the lower part of the city…

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    TooMuchVolterra is free!

    Starting from today you can download TooMuchVolterra for free until April 1st from the AppStore. TooMuchVolterra is a mini-audio guide about Volterra in Tuscany, showing you the best sightseeing in town,…

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    TooMuchSangimignano for free!

    Good morning to all. I’d like to inform you that you can download my audio-guide about San Gimignano for free until April 1st. TooMuchSanGimignano is a mini guide for iPhone e…