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The Archaeological Park of Gli Albori

Gli Albori

Gli Albori

As you know I had the opportunity to be a #WildBlogger at Gli Albori, that together with the survival courses organizes lots of activities related to archeology and life in the Prehistoric Era, that ca be perfect for your family holidays in Tuscany. s

Gli Albori, the archaeological park

Gli Albori is an experimental archaeological park where you can really experience life at dawn of civilization as it used to be for prehistoric men and women.

It is located on top of a large hill in Granaione, in the municipality of Campagnatico about 20-30 minutes driving from Grosseto. It’s a peaceful place, surrounded by round and gold hills and green vineyards where there is the museum, the workshop and the prehistoric village, where the king is the archaeologist Riccardo Chessa.

Vista da Gli Albori

View from Gli Albori

The prehistoric village is made of some houses dating back to different prehistoric areas in order to retrace man’s evolution. Each hut has been built according to findings coming from all around Italy and dates back to the late Bronze Age to the Etruscan Era.

Villaggio preistorico a Gli Albori

Prehistoric Village at Gli Albori

Inside the park there are also some furnaces used for ceramics. As a matter of fact you can learn how to create ceramics at the clay modeling class. The firing of pottery can go on for days, as it used to be in the past.

Then there is a real archaeological excavation, where children can learn how to be an archaeologist and what the archaeologist does. Gli Albori organizes archaeological summer classes for children, where children can also sleep over.



In addition at Gli Albori you can learn archery and take falconry class. Riccardo is a great falconer and he has three hawks and will teach you how to be a falconer. He is now working with the young and beautiful Primo.

Farmhouse Santa Caterina

Agriturismo Santa Caterina

Farmhouse Santa Caterina

Within Gli Albori property there is a lovely farmhouse called Agriturismo Santa Caterina that used to be an ancient farm that has been carefully restored preserving its original look. The rooms are cozy and quiet equipped with major comforts.

The farmhouse offers a great restaurant service for anyone aiming to taste local food and products, home made by Riccardo’s parents. For breakfast then you can taste handmade jams and cakes, that are delicious!

I think I will go back soon at Gli Albori together with may family, because it’s the perfect location for a nice and relaxing holiday in Tuscany together with your family! My mark is 10 out of 101

For more information visit Gli Albori.

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